Coryell City Water Supply District is a non-profit corporation, formed in 1969 by the community of Coryell City, Texas.  A Steering Committee was elected on April 4, 1966 and a total of ninety-six meters were planned.  Well drilling began in 1969 along with the construction of an office at the current location of 9440 FM 929, Coryell City, Texas.  In 1970, two more meters were added to the System, and it continues to grow today.  In April of 1971, Coryell City Water Supply District began the process of merging with Jonesboro, Turnersville, Osage and other surrounding rural areas adding 313 new members to the Water District.  An additional well was drilled near the Pancake community to help accommodate the additions.  Coryell City Water Supply District became a member of The Texas Association of Rural Water Corporation in 1971.  A well was drilled near Crawford in 1981 and waterlines were also relayed to areas near McGregor and Levita. In 1992, through a coalition with the City of Gatesville, Texas, Coryell City Water District began using surface water throughout its system.  The surface water is piped in from Lake Belton, Belton, Texas, to the City of Gatesville’s water treatment plant, and then distributed to Coryell City Water Supply District water plants.

Plant 1 - Coryell City
Coryell City Water Supply District
Plant 6 - Mound
Coryell City Water Supply
Coryell City Water Supply Workers
Plant 12 - Pancake
Plant 11 - Levita
Plant 7 - Inline
Plant 6 - Mound
Plant 3 - Riddle
Plant 2 - Crawford

Coryell City Water Supply District currently has eight full time employees serving approximately 1988 meters. The District has eight water plants which distribute water to our customers. The water district spans approximately 1200 square miles in McLennan, Hamilton, Bosque and Coryell counties.  Coryell City Water Supply District serves quality potable water to customers in Coryell City, Crawford, Turnersville, Jonesboro, Levita, Pancake, Osage, Mound, and their surrounding areas.

Coryell City Water Supply District is Texas Commission on Environmental Quality certified and members of Texas Water Utilities Association and Texas Rural Water Association.

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